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Thanks for the info Ron.
I definitely need to build some muscle back that I lost through weight loss. That is going to be my focus for the next few months. I had my %body fat tested at the gym with calipers and she came up with 16.5% but I think she was highly inaccurate. My scale at home says 26% and I think that is closer to the truth. I'd like to get the number on my scale down to 20%....and more than just a number, I am going for a more toned and healthier look/feel to my body.

As for the amount of protein Renee, there is a range out there that is based on your weight as to how much protein you should eat. I have found it to be higher than what Fitday recommends to reach 100% on the chart. Sorry I don't know it off hand (I think it is 1 gram per kg of body weight??) One thing I can recommend is the timing of your protein intake. I like to eat the bulk of my protein after I work out and before I go to bed. This seems to work for me, especially since I do small meals. Before I work out it is mainly fruit and carbs (although I don't eat a lot of carbs). After I workout is when my muscles are calling for protein and before I go to bed helps with muscle recovery for me. Hope that helps!
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