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Im a die hard cat and striper fisherman. Besides my family, fishing is the love of my life. All my extra time is spent on my boat year round. Sometimes I go out and dont touch dry land for 2 or 3 days, I just eat , sleep and fish. Ive also been raising Pitbulls since 1986. My male pit "Jonny"......(yep, thats where the JimmyJonny comes from) is my partner in fishing. He loves it but has no thumbs so he lets me reel em in,lol. I also hit the gym alot, I love it. I started last year but had to have shoulder surgery Fed 20th so I kinda had to start over again. Surgery didnt fix me so now I lift with nonstop pain. Is gaming a hobby ? shoot yea it is. I play CoD Black Ops on PS3. If anyone plays Im called BlueCat67 and run a clan called "F1SH". Other than that Im MrMom and take care of 2 kids while the wife brings home the bacon.
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