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Default Green Tea

I have been taking the green coffee extract for three weeks. I am losing weight, but at a good rate of approx 2 pounds a week. The main thing to look for was having Svetol as the key ingrediant and you don't need more than 50%.

At first I had a few side effects (like light headed) but if I made sure I drank 8 oz of water within 30 minutes of taking them the effect stopped. I make sure to take them 30 minutes before breakfast and then 8 hours later before dinner. That seems to keep my hunger in check - but if I don't eat you still will get headaches from blood sugar dropping.

The main difference I see is that I feel that I have more energy. Since I was one that really had to force myself to take time to exercise, it has given me just enough boost to work out. And I feel like I have more umph during exercise. I can't say how much of this has to do with the pills and how much is eating better.

My opinion for me is that it keeps my hunger within my control and allows me to make better choices because I don't have major hunger cravings that end in me overeating anymore.

I guess I just am treating it like any other supplement and keep my up with my journaling food and exercise.
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