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Whoo hoo, you reached your goal! Congratulations! But your predicament does sound familiar... I reached my goal a few months ago but still have that baby (or post-baby) fat around my middle which is really annoying. I thought I could wear a dress by now and not need to suck in my tummy to make it look good… but no. I have also thought about lowering my goal another 5lbs, but my body seems to settle in the same happy place, between 123-125lbs, and I don’t want to mess with a good thing (been at goal too many times and bounced back up again). I hope to try more core exercises, and I like the idea of heavier weights (thanks Ron!). Though I have an old upper back injury that tells me way too often to back off the weights… I do like planks, not sure what burpees are, I’ll Google it… I am hoping if I can actually kick-in the exercise like I should that I may naturally get down a few more lbs without changing the diet I am now really happy with. Good luck with trying out pilates! A shake-up in your routine may be all it takes!
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