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Originally Posted by dianemancino1 View Post
I just upgraded to p/c version 2. It really isn't much different from version 1 besides for the background colors that I will change if possible back to the old colors. It is a program I always use so I didn't mind buying the upgrade, but wish it was a bigger change.

I have been using Fitday for several years( 2003). It keeps me on track-thinking twice about a cheat, helps me plan meals and track my weight. I now see I can print this out and maybe take it to my physician. As a female I even discovered that I lost weight at a different rate certain times of the month- hang in there days!

so when will "beta" be finally a full version.

Is there a way to customize the view? May I suggest being able to upload progress photos would be a nice touch.
Thanks for that, I was just looking at V2, but have v1.0.0.6 since a while and it is great, so will stick with it. I was hoping you may be able to customise the graphs. If all it has is a few new foods, then I think the trick is to set up all your own custom foods as I have done, then it works better than relying on the existing lists especially for me as I am in Scotland and a few foods are called something different in any case.
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