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I rarely use sugar - in fact, I'd say 'never' because I can't even remember when I last opened a packet of sugar, nor do I remember where the bag of sugar is in my kitchen! I drink my coffee black and have for years. I split a dessert with my husband when we go out to eat, and we leave perhaps half of what is on the plate. He's more of a 'sweets' person than I am. I order dessert to prolong the dining experience and have a nice cup of hot black coffee!

Yet, I am fat and have been dieting with WW. Losing slowly but surely. I get more 'bang for my buck' by cutting out fat. It has 9 calories per gram and carbohydrates (same as protein) has just 4 calories per gram.

If you are a person who likes sweets, you will lose weight by losing the sugar 'habit.' I agree with that!
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