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Weight recap for last week. I lost 2.4 (1.2% of my body weight) and Tori lost an amazing 3 pounds (1.66% of her body weight)!

We (Tori and I) are in. My goals will be very lax. I'll be leaving to go to Va. Beach for a little mini vacation with my daughter. I'll have to think of my goals and post back later with my goals.

As for Tori
Health & Fitness
1) Lose 1% (1.77#)
2) 84.5oz of water/day (she'll have to put on her WT panties for this, but I have faith)
3) Walk 4 miles (she should have nice weather)

4) Buy that 1 item she needs before her man gets home
5) Post something she is grateful for, daily
6) Be prepared for all hell to break lose, from me and her man this week
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