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Default Should I lose more?

Hi Ladies and thanks for reading!

I have reached my goal weight but am still "fat" around my stomach. I know that weight is just a number on a scale, but I am not sure if it would be faster for me to lose more weight or just stick to a stricter exercise plan to get rid of the saggy adipose tissue around my mid-section. Here is where I am at....

I am 33 and 5'7". I started at 184 (probably more before I weighed in) and am down to 135 (133 at my lowest) I basically lost 50 pounds and that was my goal. I did it by eating many small meals throughout the day, a lot of running (trained for and ran a marathon!), calorie restriction and lots of hard work. About 2 months ago I added a gym day (I can't get there more than once a week) to strength train and take a cardio-step class, I still run 3-4 times a week and started doing some sit-ups/push-ups at home on non-gym days....but it is just not coming off the stomach area and just hangs all loose and gross. Last week I started doing a "plank-a-day" to help but I am not sure what else I can add.

Notes: I understand that you can't really spot train a specific area, it is definitely fat tissue and not loose skin from weight loss, I can't get to the gym more often but would welcome ideas of what I can add at home or specific machines to use while there....or should I just continue to lose more weight and be patient (I have read that the stomach area is usually the last to lose...maybe my body is telling me to lose more weight??).

Anyway, this post is getting long so; what are your personal experiences or opinions as to getting the stomach firmed up?

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