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Weekend report. I did not log but yesterday went to Subway and had soup and 6" sub--whole wheat. Homemade spaghetti sauce for supper and salad so fairly healthy.

Harvest dinner was good. Roasted vegetables (squash, potato and carrots), quinoa salad. Cabbage roll casserole was "interesting". It was made with rice and tofu. The texture was umm odd. I do not like kidney beans but theirs were really good--more sweet than spicy. Cake for dessert. I did check my glucose level 2hrs after and it was ok.

Something to brag about...there was a guy there who had low vision (not completely blind) and I think he thought I was a server since I was on the other side of the table in line. He asked what each thing was so I ended up telling him and served him too

These dinners will definetely mean I will have to make sure I get my workout in tomorrow!
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