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This website has been running in jerky and slow motion for me the past couple days--especially for scrolling up or down. Anyone else having that issue?

Mike, sorry your team lost the City Cup. Hope you had fun, though.

Ron, kudos on that 1704 calorie average and for hitting your exercise goal! A huge woohoo on more weight loss!

Tori, I hope your Internet issues are soon resolved--even if through WHN's new modem. Kudos on your faithful logging!

Linda, it's wonderful that music is a big part of your life. Great job this week on logging, water and carbs. I started losing better again after upping my calories. I started laughing aloud at the Bostonians' leftover r's. We used to jokingly tell people to pahk the cah in the yahd. My kids (now in their 30s) were really excited back in 1989 when a Massachusettes motel clerk told them there was an extra cat in our room. They couldn't wait to play with a furry little friend after our long car trip. They were quite disappointed to learn she meant an extra cot for children to sleep on. LOL

Gotta go start dinner. Will be back later.
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