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Default Fitday Classic logout issue -- WORKAROUND

Have found what I believe is a solid workaround to these ULTRA-annoying constant logouts by Fitday Classic --- which were getting bad enough that I was about to ready to call it quits (since Fitday 2/Beta is NOT good, imho).

FitDay Classic seems to log you out every 2 hours or LESS (no real rhyme or reason), but the forums do not. I never paid much note to this until I was reading the forums last night and stayed there when I went to bed. This morning I got up and clicked on the Foods tab at the top, and wow! still logged in!

Have tried this throughout the day and it has worked every time -- not one single logout, yeah!

So the solution: enter your foods after a meal, and when done click the "Forums" link in the upper right. When you're ready to enter another meal, simply click the Foods tab in the upper middle tab area, and you're right back where you were.

Hope this helps, and cheers,

BTW, admin/moderator -- this doesn't change the fact that Fitday Classic should NOT be logging us out on a constant basis. This isn't critical financial data like a bank. And even though you've moved on to Fitday2, as a programmer myself I know that changing the timeout period is hardly any work at all, even as you're not actively maintaining Classic. Please get this resolved -- the workaround listed above works, but we really shouldn't need a workaround at all.
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