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WELCOME TO FITDAY! I think you've found the place to be. FD has a lot of great tools to help you on your journey, you just have to utilize them. Be sure to check out all of the different forums. There is a ton of advice, motivation, and inspiration to be found. Also, if you have any questions, I don't think you could find a better place to get your answers. Speaking of motivation, if you REALLY want some, go check out the 7-Day Motivational Thread over in the Women's Only Corner. There are a lot of really great ladies who post there on a regular basis. And there's our resident men, Mike and Ron, don't worry about them, they don't bite. They do offer the sometimes much needed Man's Point of View. It's a weekly thread, but you can jump in at any time. A new thread is started each Monday, and is always stickied to the top of the forum. Basically, the way it works is, you make goals of your choosing and we all try to keep each other motivated toward achieving them. This week's thread is all about bragging rights. After we update our goals for the week, we've been listing one, or more, things that we can brag about that day. It can be fitness related, or just life in general. Hope to see you over there.

I never say good luck, because I don't think luck plays into this. I will say, I wish you tremendous success. I don't know WHERE I'd be if I hadn't found FD!!

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