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Originally Posted by dear_abby View Post
Welcome Nadine, you could have written my story ... hated PE and was sufficiently out of shape to be embarrassed by my running. But, I came to realize, I didn't look silly, I looked like someone starting, and people at jlove beginners, they want you to succeed!
Hi Abby! Thank you for this warm welcome!
yes, I also try to convince myself of that and that no matter how silly I look it is still less silly than not doing anything at all.

I did Jillian for a while, it helps that you can do her in private.
definitely! and that it is so short yet gives you noticeable results. I just need to be careful because of the neighbours below me. No vigorous jumping jacks...

Can't help you with getting this month's salary,in this country, monthly paychecks are rare, weekly or every two weeks is more common, but rejoice, Monday is the First!
Monthly is normal here but usually it is in the last week of the respective month and not sometime in the beginning of the following one. I should try to find a new job at a more reliable employer.

sooo. my exercise today.
Does doing housework count? I did a thorough cleaning of the whole appartment today and went grocery shopping including carrying bottles home from the supermarket and up to the third floor. (I don't have a car ) fitday at least counts this altogether as 600 kcal. I should do this more often

Then I also just finished jillian's 30 day shred. I was a little worried because I suddenly felt a very painful sting in my right upper leg when i was crouching down. But I had no problem with the exercise and it felt much easier than on Thursday. Maybe this 1 day break was the key?

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