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Hello, Weekend Warriors! I am looking forward to a great day that includes a workout at the gym. I was happy to find today that I'm down on the scale despite my horrible eating binge on Wednesday. But not even counting that, I think I was right that the new diet I was trying since August 30 was too low in calories and was a huge contributing factor to my 7 pound weight gain in the first three weeks. Still three pounds up from my weigh-in at the doctor's office August 30, but I think I now am on the right track to resume weight loss.

Jenn, congrats on your carbs/protein, and veggies on Friday. Thanks for your good wishes. Daughter's car did just need a battery, and the party went great. That's what I was a little keyed up about--18 year old granddaughter lives with us and I wanted her party to be really special.

morphasia, welcome! Kudos on not giving into junk food. So sorry you have an abusive boss!

Quinn, it's about time that you were able to enjoy "a completely self-indulgent 'me' day." I hope your Saints make Mike and Ron eat their words. LOL Your reports this week were really worthy of praise! Kudos on having your menus planned for two weeks!

Ann, it's about time that you are feeling better. I hope you enjoyed your girls night out. Kudos on losing a pound through sticking to your diet.

Judi, how's your back? So sorry for your pain! Best wishes for your Mom's continued recovery. The PT should go a long way in helping your Dad's spinal arthritis management. Best wishes at the Harvest vegetarian dinner. Tell us what you ate.

msrain, it's so hard to eat Chinese without the starches. I absolutely can't get through there without Lo Mein noodles. Kudos on all the chores you got done.

Linda, it is annoying to me when my percentages look high because my calories were so low. Your grilling of turkey burgers, asparagus and green onions sounds delicious! OMG, your description of locals' language was so amusing. My Mom was the only one I ever knew to say zink for sink--she also said worsh for wash.

Ama, kudos on mostly Y's in your reports and on that "beautiful woman" compliment. Wow, that must have felt great and must be true because strangers don't say that unless they see it.

Ron, kudos on your calories, leg workout and on your further weight loss.
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