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Originally Posted by nadinchen View Post
Hi everyone!

Of course, I know exercise is important but I have never been a sport-person. I hated PE in school and really don't have fun doing workout for the most part. So it is hard to force myself to regularly do anything. Except when I was running in a group for beginners but then I moved to another town and there is no such group.

So far, though, I have not lost any weight and I feel I haven't lost any inches either. But I feel an effect in the way that the exercise is becoming easier and I am a little stronger than on Sunday.
I would like to run again at least once a week on the weekend. But I am so embarrassed because I am not fit at all and look silly when I do go running in the park. If I went on Sunday in the morning it would be ok but in the past it was not a good idea to run in the morning because I was getting dizzy.

But nevertheless I am highly motivated right now and I plan to try running tomorrow morning if I am not going out to have breakfast with a friend. Otherwise I will go next weekend.
I also consider adding swimming to my workout plan since the swimming pool is open until 10 pm on weekdays and swimming does not depend on the weather. Now all I need is a swimsuit. (and this month's salary arriving on my bank account )
Welcome Nadine, you could have written my story ... hated PE and was sufficiently out of shape to be embarrassed by my running. But, I came to realize, I didn't look silly, I looked like someone starting, and people at jlove beginners, they want you to succeed!

I did Jillian for a while, it helps that you can do her in private.

Can't help you with getting this month's salary,in this country, monthly paychecks are rare, weekly or every two weeks is more common, but rejoice, Monday is the First!

Please keep coming back here, encouraging people at the beginning is one of our great joys!

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