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Hi everyone!

I am Nadine, 28 years old and have been wanting and trying to lose weight pretty much forever with varying degrees of success.
My best was when I started eating low carb in March. I lost almost 15 lbs with this alone. But unfortunately some events made it hard to follow the low carb plan, so that i gained 5.5 lbs back during the last months.

Of course, I know exercise is important but I have never been a sport-person. I hated PE in school and really don't have fun doing workout for the most part. So it is hard to force myself to regularly do anything. Except when I was running in a group for beginners but then I moved to another town and there is no such group.

Anyway. I started Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred on Sunday and have been doing it everyday except Monday (where I have a Zumba course instead) and yesterday because I was working long and then I went out with friends. But today I am back on track.
So far, though, I have not lost any weight and I feel I haven't lost any inches either. But I feel an effect in the way that the exercise is becoming easier and I am a little stronger than on Sunday.
I would like to run again at least once a week on the weekend. But I am so embarrassed because I am not fit at all and look silly when I do go running in the park. If I went on Sunday in the morning it would be ok but in the past it was not a good idea to run in the morning because I was getting dizzy.

But nevertheless I am highly motivated right now and I plan to try running tomorrow morning if I am not going out to have breakfast with a friend. Otherwise I will go next weekend.
I also consider adding swimming to my workout plan since the swimming pool is open until 10 pm on weekdays and swimming does not depend on the weather. Now all I need is a swimsuit. (and this month's salary arriving on my bank account )

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