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I am in no way an expert but here's my thoughts:

Originally Posted by BrittleBones View Post
So, if you're still reading and can maybe offer suggestions/advice, here's what I'm wondering about:

Is it possible to build muscle while taking in only a small, clean calorie deficit (300-500) with a 50% protein, 30% carbs, 20% healthy fat diet? What about a small calorie surplus with the same diet? (DMR=2900 calories)
some will say yes and others say you can't. i suppose you do of your deficit is not too high. 300 to 500 sounds fine if it already includes the calories spent by training. I also think that even 40% protein and 40% carbs would work, so you can be flexible with what you eat.

If not, would it be better to eat a significant amount of extra calories and bulk up 15-20lbs (8kgs) while lifting weights, then put in some cardio and cut back down to a 10% BF?
I don't believe it matters whether your calorie deficit is created by eating less or exercising more as far as weight loss is concerned. Eating more and workout more might help you build more muscles and get fitter faster but then again only if you find enough time to consistently keep up with your more extensive workout plan.

What about workout regimes? I don't want to necessarily be HUGE, I just want to look fit, toned and defined - any suggestions for workout routines for this?
I am not sure whether or how to influence this exactly as it depends on your body type and other things. I would say stop building up when you are satisfied and then just workout so that you stay the way you are. Don't overemphasize weight training if you feel you are becoming too huge.

Am I focused in the total wrong direction here?
I don't think so
But it is also true that different regimes work for different people. You have to find out what works for you. Not only whether it is effective but also whether it is something you feel you want to and can do very regularly (and ideally enjoy, too).
Maybe you should just stick with something a little longer than you did and add some cardio to it?
I just looked up the P90X and it looks like it would be effective (albeit a little risky doing all this at home without someone checking whether you do it right
or risk injury)
Maybe it would help if you pair up with someone so you stay motivated to stick with something and exchange experiences? And to not care so much for all the reviews.

Last but not least: Not everyone will build a physique like a fitness model. If you do have an ectomorph body type it simply is harder to achieve and the effect of most workout regimes will be not as visible as it might be for others. But consistency is always key.

Well, that were my 2 cents. I am curious to see what others say.

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