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Default postpartum weightloss

Hello am roserich and I am new to this forum. I am 18 months postpartum. I am 5'8'' and was 136lbs when I got pregnant. I gained a wopping 45lbs during my pregnancy went all the way to 188lbs+. I was very active prior pregnancy and exercised regularly. Complications prevented me from continuing so during pregnancy, but I admit I 'let myself go' too. I am now 164lbs. I hit a plateau phase a few months agoand just lost motivation. Hence the reason why am here. Am starting over,
I must say to you though 10 weeks is still soon, especially considering you had a c/section. Breastfeeding exclusively did produce results for me in the first few months, along with regular exercise.
Its past six weeks so it is safe to start very simple exercises, but dont push yourself too hard, your body is still healing.
I can imagine your frustration. I have gone through similar feelings, especially when I see bikinis...
I stopped exercising after I hit plateau, and went to unhealthy eating habits- but before I was seeing results. Be of courage, give your body time, and consider introducing simple exercises. All the best.
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