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Originally Posted by rpmcduff View Post
Last Night LEGS (sets/reps):
Dumbell Squats: 3/6 55#, 1/6 60# (x2)
Barbell Straight leg Deadlift: 3/6 125# (Personal Best)
Seated Leg Extension Machine: 3/6 165# (Personal Best)
Laying Leg Curl Machine: 3/6 130#
Seated Leg Press Machine: 3/6 162.5#
Abs Machine: 3/20 130#
Back extension Stand Twisters: 3/6 (each side)
Double stair climb: 3 sets (10 strides each set)
Elliptical: 5 min, level 6 pre-weights, 35 min, level 6 post weights. 3.65 miles (5.45 mph, a PB for Leg day)

Since I had a couple of days off I tried to hit it prety hard. Found myself still sweating as I left the gym and that was after I had a shower! Go exercise everyone!
Good Golly Ron, Impressive workout! I really feel the soreness today from my leg workout on Wed, it probably didn't help that I went for a 6 mile run yesterday.
I'm shooting for a 12 mile run tomorrow morning
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