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Judi, I'm wearing an old pair of rose-colored glasses with a broken lens.

Got 10 minutes to breathe.

Things are nuts here today--so many places for DH and I to have to be with just one car since I had to lend mine to DD to get to work when she found at 6:30AM her car wouldn't start. DH wound up having to cancel his golf date! He helped me get the house cleaned for the party I just found out this morning I'm hosting tonight after all. Then we had to get everything in sync with our daughter's needs to get her car to the shop, get the grandkids picked up from their schools (no busses or public transportation) and get everyone back to my house in time for the dinner that I don't know yet what time to serve. LOL

I dashed out to the store, but didn't have much time to shop. Got a store-bought cake since I didn't have time to bake, and saved myself some time by stopping by a deli/caterer to pick up some carby sides to go with the oven-fried chicken I'm making. I'm having boneless skinless chicken, green beans, and low carb pasta myself--already have it logged.

Still don't know whether DD's car will be fixed today or what time to serve dinner. LOL If something does not work out, it will not be the end of the world, but I'm surely hoping the phone will ring with some good news from DD.
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