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Yesterday was pretty good. In fact, I stayed on track all week! So, maybe my "5 outta 7 Plan" is actually going to work for me to maintain. Did my grocery shopping for 2 weeks at 7 am this morning so I already feel quite accomplished! Have to pay bills and run some errands and then my weekend can begin. I ran down the road after the garbage truck this morning... does that count as exercise?? lol

1. LOG EVERYTHING, no matter how small, M-F. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
2. Calories under 1100 M-F. Hard to figure, but probably <1000, <1000, <1000 (not planned... just keeps happening for various reasons.) 1023
3. Strictly limit breads and cheese; no deep-fried ANYTHING!!! Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
4. Remember calcium and multi-vitamin. Yes, Forgot Vitamin, Yes, Yes
5. 3-4 fruits and veggies a day. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
6. List something that I accomplished each day. I balanced my checkbook! Made it through a mountain of paperwork that I had been putting off. I braved the scale and found that I only have 5.2 lbs. to get back to my ideal weight. (I deserved much worse.) Figured out my menu and grocery shopping list for two weeks.

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