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i'll have to bring this thread back up.

anyone doing 30 day shred and gaining weight?
i'd love to think that it's all muscles but that would just be to good to be true.

i started on sunday with level one and have been doing it everyday except monday when i have zumba course. i definitely did not eat more than before, i was conscious about my food and reduced carbs as i did before to lose weight. i lost 15 lbs this year with low carb alone (166 to 151 lbs) but gained back about four after too many carbs on business trips and birthday parties. now i am back to low carb for a while and started the shred but the weight doesn't go down.

so on sunday i started with 156 lbs and i gradually went up to 157.5 lbs today.
i do feel an effect. i feel stronger and the exercise is becoming easier, which is cool. i don't think i have lost any inches, though.

any ideas what i could do?
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