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Originally Posted by kylz01 View Post
What about diet pills? Has anyone found that they actually suppress your appetite? I'm only on Day 4 of trying to reduce my calorie intake and find I am constantly hungry.
Hi there; I think the best appetite suppresant is practicing a week or two of healthy eating. Your stomach will shrink causing you to be less hungry. The beginning is hard. But if you are constantly hungry, perhaps you need to recalculate what your caloric intake should be. There's free calculators available on websites where you put in your weight, height and age and it tells you how many calories you need in a day just to maintain. Then you can reduce your intake by, for example, 500 calories. Sometimes we get hungry because we're reducing our caloric intake by too much. We do that because we want quick results. It's understandable, yet it sets us up for failure. You mentioned you have kids. Parenting takes a tremendous amount of energy, so make the weigh loss journey as easy on yourself and enjoyable as possible by being realistic about changes to your diet. I know you've prolly heard it before, but it's better to take small steps towards a permanent lifestyle change, not just a diet for quick weight loss. Good luck !!
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