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Originally Posted by Horselove21 View Post
Hello! Just started today,this is a school progect. But im going to use it formore than the progect. I wanna see how much Weight i loose and see how many calories i eat every day. Felling hungry...About to head down to the lunch room....
Hi there and welcome. I've found Fitday's food log incredibly useful in helping to see what I'm eating, how many calories, and the pie chart breakdown into carbs, protein, fat. What a great idea to use this for a school project. I always thought they should have compulsory nutrition courses in elementary and high school. Most of us learn about proper nutrition only as adults. So good for you. You mentioned the "lunch room". Does it offer some nutritional options? I remember my high school lunch room had burgers and fries. Something I find very useful is to eat as large a breakfast as possible ... that way I don't feel over hungry at lunch time. Good luck on your project and I hope you will keep posting your journey.
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