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Ron and SW, thanks for keeping me laughing! I bet Jamie rowing can beat the motorbike, and the runner on the same course (as those donít function well on water, except in one case Jamie can tell you about, and it was walking, not running).

Ron, posting yet another Personal Best!

Pam, so glad to have you back! I missed you.

Jamie those voices an easily be shut up with the ďI am doing thisĒ

SW Ė good luck with the half!

For me, it was a nice run, 5K in 26 minutes, which is my wheelhouse of time, I did keep elevation on, so Iím working a little harder. And, this was followed by boot camp, why did I ever say it wasnít challenging enough (fortunately, none of my class mates know Iím the one who said that, or there would be locker room brawls).
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