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Jenn, my kitchen table is a catch-all for the whole family. Visitors can see the kitchen from the front door and I'll bet people wonder why I never clean up after meals. I do--what's on the table is non-food junk that needs to be put away before I can set the table for the next meal. Kudos on your exercise--especially the boxing. We do some punches in our cardio class and it feels good--as long as I don't overdo it. I hope your shoulder and leg recover quickly. Enjoy your day off exercise--I take off on Wednesday and Sunday. One day many years ago when I was at my kids' elementary school for volunteer work, I passed the usually cordial principal who seemed grumpy. In an effort to teasingly lighten his mood I smiled and said "You know what they say: no rest for the wicked." He scowled and snapped back to me, "No, YOU said that!" And he kept on walking and frowning. Oops. I still say it--just not to elementary school principals. Thanks for another reminder--I'm headed to fill my water bottle.
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