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After a busy errand-filled day yesterday, I'm looking forward to a much quieter day today... fingers crossed. I think everything is caught up, so I may try to get in a nice fall hike today to unwind.

1. LOG EVERYTHING, no matter how small, M-F. Yes, Yes
2. Calories under 1100 M-F. Hard to figure, but probably <1000, <1000
3. Strictly limit breads and cheese; no deep-fried ANYTHING!!! Yes, Yes
4. Remember calcium and multi-vitamin. Yes, Forgot Vitamin
5. 3-4 fruits and veggies a day. Yes, Yes
6. List something that I accomplished each day. I balanced my checkbook! Made it through a mountain of paperwork that I had been putting off.

Your picture was beautiful. It's nice to put a face to a name. Congratulations on your weight-loss so far... you're doing great!

Daughter is doing better... thanks for asking. She had a very tough respiratory flu for 5 days that knocked her flat, but I think that she has turned the corner and is able to eat again. Tough decision on whether to make the long trip there or to let her fight it on her own. It was a good lesson learned about where to get medical help and prescriptions, etc. It was just too bad that she had to get so sick so soon. Although I'm glad it's over, I was so worried that I couldn't eat and ended up losing weight myself! lol

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