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Quinn, what's the latest on DD's illness? Hang in there!

Judi, I agree--both you and the dress are lovely.

Jenn, nice Tuesday report, but drink up! Do you just forget like I do? Hey, climbing stairs is great exercise. It's good to do different exercise to add up to 30 minutes, too--better than using the same muscles the whole time. LOL on the swear jar.

Mike, you surely did earn the braggin' rights on writing that policy!

Msrain, come do MY chores! You're so GOOD at that! Kudos on your no starches.

Ama, nice Tuesday report--except for the sleep. You must have woke me--I've been up since about 4:15, unable to fall back to sleep after a potty trip. Aw, I'm glad your son's crazy rash went away, but geez, you had no way of knowing that would happen. Wishing you a great Wednesday.
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