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Goals Week of September 24th
1 - Lots of Water: Y, Y
2 - Lots of Sleep: Y, N (as I sit here at 3am typing this...)
3 - Lots of Veggies: Y, Y
4 - Lots of Exercise: N, Y
5 - Less Bread: N, Y
6 - Less Meat: N, Y (fish is ok!)
7 - Lose 1lb this week: TBD
8 - Tori’s Bragging Challenge: M, not a good day... so can't think of anything to brag about... Tu, went to the fabric store and got curtain samples and dropped off my wedding rings to get saudered together.

Monday sucked! I used a new conditioner in my hair Sunday night and the next morning DS had a huge rash all over his face (at night he cuddles up). By M evening it had cleared his face but spread (lightly) to his neck, and legs. I felt like hell and cried on and off all evening... It was all gone by tue am thankfully! I also had indulged in a turkey BLT, and leftover try-tip at work. Tue was much better . I am determined to have a great Wednesday!

Judi - You are beautiful! I love the picture and your dress! You've lost 19 lbs since July? Way to go!!!

5’6” 40yo
2lbs over Maintenance
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