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Linda, welcome! I am absolutely horrible with names. Worse yet, I can never remember who said what and when I don't know I just ask. No one ever gets offended--we just like sharing this journey to better health and fitness with each other. Ooh, thanks for the reminder on the water--I'm lagging, but still have time to meet my goal. I'm a low carber myself-there several in our group. Great job on your carbs so far today. You surely did earn bragging rights over the washer flooding! Way to go on the quick thinking! Hugs right back to ya.

Quinn, best wishes for a speedy recovery for DD! Give us an update when you can. Quite a nice Monday report.

Mike, we don't get good fresh shrimp here, so I prefer it steamed or sauteed from a frozen state. (No, not from Alaska, USA--I mean frozen shrimp or "skrimp." ) In Ohio deep fried, breaded fish always tastes the same as plain ol' fried fish, but more expensive. Your sandwich sounds yummy, though--I'm sure I'd love it in NOLA. Amazing what great pics you get with your cell phone and GoPro! You'd make a great spy with such a teeny camera. LOL

Ron, I know what you mean--both this and the exercise thread are so active. I totally agree on the torture the elliptical is for beginners. I was humiliated when the heart rate program shut down the machine on me the first time I tried, flashing madly that I had exceeded my maximum heart rate after less than 2/10 of a mile. I think it was something like .12 mile. It's hard work for me to do 1/2 mile right now, but I'm so proud of myself. Thanks for your encouragement--I WILL keep at it.
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