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Default Hello

I managed to find the thread. thanks whoever guided me here. Sorry I forgot your name.

yesterday I said my goals for the week were

get online everyday
drink more water
eat less carbs

So far today:

I am online so that's met
I have had 60 oz of water so far today
No carbs except what is in veggies ( a large tomato and a pablano peper)

Bragging moment

Handled a crisis all by myself today. Front loading washing machine door popped open for some reason and my laundry room had 2-3 inches of water on the floor and the carpetd hallway was soaked. Wet vac came in handy. Got everything as dry as possible. loads of towels in the shower waiting to be washed. Think my linen closets are empty now. I have been through many hurricanes and been lucky enough not to flood, so no experience sopping up water and dealing with wet carpets and pads. I survived.
(((Hugs))) and best wishes


Start weight 9/24/10 246
Current weight 236
Total lost 10
Goal weight 175
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