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Ama, I'll bet you can get more comfortably back in those jeans in very short time. We know you can do it.

Ron, your workouts and your over 45 lb. loss are impressive! Way to go! I agree that working the gun show booth entitled you to a pass for those two days. And I'll bet the work of putting on the power steering belt was enough to count as exercise. Thanks for your kind invitation to post on the exercise thread, but I have a very hard time keeping up with our motivational thread here, so I'll just be logging here that I exercised. I'm just up to half a mile non-stop on the elliptical after the doctor told me to keep trying and when I can't go any more to finish out the rest of the half hour on the stationary bike. I do that twice a week followed by the Triceps Press, Torso Rotation, Abs, and Back Extension machines. I do the cardio class for seniors at the Y twice a week and strength training with resistance bands once a week at home.

Morphasia, welcome to our group! Wow, very nice, clean eating! Congratulations! Brussels sprouts is one of my favorite veggies and they are really healthful. Oh, THAT'S something else I can make with squash from our garden--squash soup. Thanks for the great idea.

Judi, painting burns a lot of calories. You earned braggin' rights on that! Yeah, I think shaking up your diet and getting your body confused occasionally does spur weight loss by preventing that starvation mode, which I have decided for me personally does not have to be below 1200 calories. I'm going back to my limit of 1500 calories because I think I had my calories too low at a limit of 1300 and then raising it to a range of 1300-1400 still didn't help.

Ann, kudos on not eating any of the cupcakes you baked. Wow, I couldn't do that! Feel better soon! I've got a two day old headache from my wood smoke allergy.

msrainh2o, great Monday report! I hope you are able to get rid of all the fireants.

Cassie, that's great about the cardio tennis group.

Mike, I'll bet that shrimp poboy was delicious! Your NOLA pics are so good--worthy of Time Magazine or National Geographic. OK--I meant that seriously. It was not meant to be a reference to topless tribal native photos--just thought I'd mention that because I'm sure it popped into your head when I you read "National Geographic". LOL
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