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I quit smoking a few months ago and in the process gained about 10 lbs , however there were other contributing forces at work in my life at the time...

Now a few months down the line Ive lost that weight and lost even more inches and can jog/do cardio for twice as long as I used to The energy really is great and the cravings and urges i used to get when a friend or family member would smoke around me are gone, In part because I dont want to lose the new energy Ive gained.

Each person quits differently just like each person loses weight differently. If you need to take a hold on your diet to quit smoking then i say go for it, but just make a commitment to lose back all the weight you may gain.

maybe you can use fitday to make sure you dont overeat while quiting but not restrict you calories below what you burn. Or maybe you could create a custom food called cigarets on fitday to keep you accountable if you cheat.

whatever you do I wish you goodluck!
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