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Originally Posted by coryxo94 View Post
I guess I better give some background info before I start.
I'm 17 years old, and right now I'm sitting at around 10% body fat, with most of the visceral fat on my face..
I will be starting a 6 week fat loss dieting program so that I can get to a 8% bodyfat (I will judge by the mirror, once I see separation in my deltoids). Hopefully once I reach my goal my jaw bone will be pronounced and most of my facial fat will be lost.
Here's the guidelines I'll be following in my 6 week journey:
Macros: 55F 150P 150C
- No simple carbs besides milk and some fruit
- Most calories are consumed pre-workout, about 80% stretched throughout the day in tiny meals. Last 20% consumed after workout.
- 30 minutes of cardio on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and every day on the weekend.
- 1 hour weight lifting session every other day, on a split routine. 3-6 different exercises, each with 3+ sets, and 10-12 reps per set
- Drink water until urine is clear, disregard amount of bottles drank.

I will use this thread as a log for the food that I've eaten daily.
Your plan is good, you just have to take care of the diet. Increase the protein level and take protein shake before and after the workout.
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