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Hi everyone! Hmmm, Tori - braggin' rights, eh? Every day? Do they have to be diet/exercise related? 'Cause today I FINISHED painting the trim on the windows in my living room - and considering the length of time it took (thanks to a variety of family, etc issues), I am pretty darned proud of the fact it is DONE!!!

The scale continues to inch in the right direction, in spite of my dietary inconsistencies (too few calories, too many calories, too many carbs, not enough protein). Maybe my body is so confused it stopped fighting me? Who knows.

Yesterday: Calories: 809 Fats: 36.5 Carbs: 71.1 Proteins: 58.1
Today: Calories: 1,730 Fats: 116.1 Carbs: 55.4 Proteins: 124.7

Hey, Mike & Tori - I have come up with several possibilities regarding the actual meaning of DB - none of which are very complimentary...glad you guys have such an understanding and unique relationship! verrrry unique...

Goals? I guess the usual - supplements, journaling, keeping track on here of my calories and macros.

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Be Still and Know that I am.
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