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Goals Week of September 24th
1 - Lots of Water:
2 - Lots of Sleep:
3 - Lots of Veggies:
4 - Lots of Exercise:
5 - Less Bread:
6 - Less Meat:
7 - Lose 1lb this week:
8 - Tori’s Bragging Challenge:

I put my on new favorite jeans yesterday and they were definitely a little snugger (and pretty darn uncomfortable) around the belly than they were the week before… I have been indulging way too much lately! The scale says so as well, sigh… I call shotgun in the wagon!

Tori – YOU GO GIRL!!!

Quinn – I am with you on the 5 outa 7 plan! Why beat myself up every Sat/Sun? I can be really good 5 for sure! Great plan!

Happy first week of Fall! Ama
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