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Originally Posted by soleran View Post
Oatmeal such as rolled oats or steel cut, high in fiber and very filling.

The steel cut oats I make more like a stew and throw in carrots, celery and garlic and make it a savory breakfast sometimes to thicken it up I'll also cook in 2 egg whites. Both of those are low calorie and high in fiber.
Super DOOPER tip, I eat steel cut oatmeal every morning with protein powder, blueberries and walnuts ... but I'm going to try your idea of egg whites

Another tip is when grocery shopping, only shop on outside aisles to get produce and healthy vegetable carbs, protein, and some dairy like yogurt. Who needs all that boxed, canned crap in the inner aisles that are filled with salt, fat and sugar ! You will come home and feel so proud and good
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