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Hi KS and Marieneta ~

I keep plugging along here. Down 1 more pound. Oh my I thought it would come off faster. I feel like I've totally changed my diet... eating a lot less food, avoiding saturated fats in the foods I do eat, drinking the water, etc and it's coming off so slow. I'm probably getting about 1200 cal a day. I know if I exercise more it will probably come off faster but I have arthritis so bad in my knees its very painful. I have noticed the pain has decreased a bit since I've lost the weight that I have. I get in the pool about twice a week, and mow the lawn (gas mower) once a week so I'm not totally sedatary. When I finish going in the pool or mow the lawn my knees are killing me but I deal with it to get my body moving. I can't get discouraged here and I should enjoy the 1 pound that I lost.

I will be out of town for a bit. Leaving tomorrow for Boston and returning in a week. I have a conference so not sure if I'll get on here. I will miss my weigh in meeting but they supplied me with enough Optifast for the week I'm gone so hopefully I won't go off too bad. I think Bfast and Lunch will be easy to stay on it ... I'll just have to be careful with dinner and order wisely.

Keep up the good work... drink your water, take naps , and exercise when you can.

a bit thinner Liz
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