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Jamie, good for you getting out on the water, sounds remarkable – that “not let someone down” can be an amazing force – there used to be a receptionist at the Y who would say “see you tomorrow, right?” and that often got me there! Finishing the race, rowing faster than you have before, that’s something to be proud of.

Nightshade, being stuck in a car sounds like a miserable day. Motivation is a weird thing, it is never there when you most need it – that’s where, for me, community becomes so important, if I can’t motivate myself, the fact someone else cares really helps. Good Luck!

Fatcatnap, 400 calories in an hour is a lot – sounds like quite an ordeal! You got exercise, and a mowed lawn!

SW, YIKES – that’s all I have to say to you!

The weekend had some nice walking, but little activity, today was kettlebells, and I’m feeling it in my shoulders!

Stay strong!

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