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Default ALL ABOARD THE BRAGGIN' WAGON!! 7-Day Motivational Thread Starting 09.24.12

Since the whole point of the 7-Day Thread is to be motivating and uplifting, we should all be bragging about how well we're doing. So a special challenge goes out to EVERYONE....we all brag about one thing we did well that day. I've been Debbie Downer lately, so this is especially important for me. No more beating myself up over little things.

Soooooo, I've just realized WHN will be home in 21 DAYS!!!! I have exactly 3 weeks to get a few pounds off. I had really hoped to be further along by now, but it is what it is. I let myself get into a major depression, and it totally screwed me up. I've lost ZILCH, NADA, NOTHING since he's left. And it's my own damn fault. Granted, I haven't gained anything, but I'm still pretty pissed at myself. Yes, told me so, so SHUDDIT!!! But I've got renewed motivation (couldn't possibly be due to the fact that he'll be home in 21 DAYS!) and it feels awesome! He's told me countless times that he doesn't care if I lose another ounce, that he loves me as is. He's also told me that he doesn't want me doing this for him. I've had to reassure him that that is not the case. I started this journey long before I met him, and I'm seeing it through to the end. And then I'm going to maintain. I'm supremely blessed to have FINALLY found someone who truely loves me. Someone who looks at me like I'm the only woman in the world (kinda creepy at first though, not gonna lie). I can't contain my joy. Hopefully it's catching and we all have an AMAZING week!!!

Onto goals. There's nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, so Mike and I are going head to head again.

Tori vs. Mike Goals

1: Post start weight, log every damn thing that goes in your mouth, make logs public--180.8
2: Most calories deficient
3: Most water consumed
4: Most miles walked
5: Fewest net carbs
6: Fewest servings of bread
7: Highest % of weight lost

Pretty basic. I probably have him on a couple, and he's got me on a few. Can anyone say TORI DRINK YOUR WATER? So that's it. I may add some personal goals later on. I'll just have to wait and see if I can accomplish them without them being in writing.

Did I mention it's only 21 days??????????

Mini Goal Weight-220--MET! 01/25/16
Ultimate Goal Weight-TBD

Current Weight-218.8 (January 25, 2016)
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