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I looked up a Resting Metabolic Rate calculator on a Bodybuilding site.I would post a link but this site would probably remove it.
It uses several systems and averages them out.Your average would be an RMR of 2,012.The lowest daily calorie amount would be about 1,800.
So if you are getting less than 1,800 calories a day you should be in a deficit.
And you have to remember this is not taking activities into account.

Another thing you have to think of is body type.How broad is your body structure? Do you have much muscle mass.People with greater muscle mass will be burning more calories at rest.

I have to say your stats aren't to far off from my own.But I have been lifting weights for most of my life.So I may be burning a few more calories at rest.

Don't panic about the pace of your weight loss.Your body is going through an adjustment, and it may not drop every time you weigh yourself.
I think most people lose more at first, and then the pace will slow a bit.
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