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Judi, sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you! I love your descriptions of your kitchen quests. I am pretty good about avoiding processed food and cooking most things from scratch, but you are definitely my hero in that lifestyle! Maybe when I retire and have more time on my hands you can give me a tutorial . I hope you enjoy your day and that your mom progresses quickly in her recovery.

Mike, Tori, glad to see you guys tag-teaming through the week. Hope both of you have a great weekend!

Nightshade, I think smoothies are a great option if you have issues with texture of fruits and veggies. There are a ton of smoothie recipes on the internet, and also check out the Foods section here...I think I remember a thread about smoothies a while back. Using frozen fruit can be easy and cost-effective, especially in the winter. Have fun experimenting!

msrainh2o, congrats on your starch goal. I hope you feel better very soon...bronchitis sounds miserable! Looking forward to seeing you next week as well

Mern, what an irritating situation! Everybody knows that watching kids in the neighborhood is a trade off thing; can't imagine constantly dumping my charges on somebody else. I know you will handle it with your usual clever diplomacy. BTW, you are doing a terrific job on your exercise! I need to get off my butt to match your motivation!

Ama, you've been doing great and you have the right attitude. A couple controlled cheats will be fine, just do exactly what you did and figure out how to mitigate the damage. Enjoy your football this weekend.

Ann, I'm sure the first weekend after going back will feel good for you. Congrats on the running; you are doing an awesome job!

Jenn, kudos to you for getting weeds pulled; would you like to come do mine, lol? I usually use my iPod for that chore, since I use it when I run, it somehow gives me more energy and I get done more quickly.

Ron, are you a weekend warrior? Hopefully we weren't too crazy this past week! Seems like you fit right in, though.

Quinn, thanks for the tip about saving the application. The way ours is structured, I can't see it as being applicable to future things, but we do have something from last year's academic booster club that is set up in that way, with spaces for all achievements, etc. I'm going to type that in as a document and then we can add as we need. Great idea . I laughed when I read your mention of the orchard; I remember last year's visit, especially because I had the same thing happen myself a couple weeks after you did...ugh! Hubby has some days off coming and we were just discussing when to go last night, so beware! Our orchard's specialty is fried pies, along with all the breads, peanut brittle, jams...I think I should have a sponsor on speed dial to talk me through!

Well, now that this is a novel, I need to get on with my day. Sitting in my (not so great) seminar yesterday gave me time to make my to-do list and it has 29 things on it, with only 6 crossed off so far . So I'd best get at it but I will check in and stay on track this weekend; flog me if I don't!

Sorry if I missed anyone; it wasn't intentional!

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck

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