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I cannot address the specifics of this virus, but I had a problem with a different virus, also despite having virus protection on my computer. I called McAfee and got the shill about their phone assistance program. I was highly skeptical, since I had already purchased the hardware, did not expect much, but I was desparate. So, I sucumbed and purchased the service, not expecting much, but hoping. I far exceeded anything I could have expected. The tech on the phone was knowledgeable to the virus, knew exactly what to do, spent 30 minutes with me on the phone explaining what the problem was, and then let me go off-line while he worked on my computer for nearly two hours, cleaning up the virus and several other issues.

Within 5 minutes after he completed his work (and everything was working well) his supervisor called to check on how things had gone. And, for the single purchase price I have this service on all my devices, mac and pc, for a year. Unbelievable.
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