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Friday Numbers:
Calories: 1,367 Fats: 71.0 Carbs: 93.5 Proteins: 40.4

Numbers are skewed due to almost no meat, too many tortilla chips and a couple drinks. Noticed that it doesn't take nearly as much to get me buzzed - and suffering the next day! I went out with my best bud for a drink (one cosmo), then we went to a friend's for a pocketbook/carry-on/wallets dem, where I had only one glass of (too sweet) wine. I wasn't "lie down on the bed spinning" buzzed, but I did feel it. And am a bit fuzzy this morning (thank you body clock - I reeeeeally needed to wake up at 3:30am!) (NOT!).

Getting too old for this crap.

Since I am up this damned early, I managed to get the elastic replaced on a favorite (hippie-dippie) skirt, emptied the dishwasher, and now need to start baking for the weekend - a neighbor's birthday party(gotta make bread for a gift basket) and bringing stew and bread to Mom's on Sunday. The dough is in the 'fridge, so just need to form the loaves and toss 'em in the oven. Then (if I have time) make some grape jam and jelly out of the juice and pulp from a neighbor's grapes. And make Mom's stew.

Have to go eat something - stomach is complaining. Busy weekend ahead - hope to pop in sometime and visit with everyone (which means some me time!)

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