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Originally Posted by mrsrainh2o View Post
Day three of no starches. I was diagnosed with bronchitis today and prescribed an antibiotic, cough syrup, fluids, and bed rest; should feel better by Monday; and plan to keep up with all the posts in this motivational thread next week. High five to everyone who is trying to reach their health goals.
Be careful of that cough syrup, that is some strong stuff! Many times I'll add a song to my post and this would have been a perfect time to put in Sippin' On Some Sizzurp (because that's what it's about) but I couldn't find a clean enough version.

Originally Posted by Nightshade1991 View Post
Good afternoon every one,

(So this is my first real post so sorry if this does not make sense)

Ok so I got stuck in a car all day from 5 am to bout 3 pm so i have not had time to do much of anything missed B-fast had a sandwitch for lunch uummm I guess I will have to try and make for most of it tomorrow,

and I have question so one of my probs is that most fruits and vegges make me "get sick" when I eat them its mostly the texture of them so anyway the Question I have is how to deal with it ways to add them in idk what to do I have been trying to deal with and work around this my whole life, so if anyone has ideas or know a site or book or somthing,
and are smoothies really a good way to go?

anyway thanks for your time,

good to everyone!!!
What about V8 juice? Smoothies are good or try some that the texture doesn't bother you. A lot of times I'll add blueberries to my oatmeal.
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