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Question hey

Good afternoon every one,

(So this is my first real post so sorry if this does not make sense)

Ok so I got stuck in a car all day from 5 am to bout 3 pm so i have not had time to do much of anything missed B-fast had a sandwitch for lunch uummm I guess I will have to try and make for most of it tomorrow,

and I have question so one of my probs is that most fruits and vegges make me "get sick" when I eat them its mostly the texture of them so anyway the Question I have is how to deal with it ways to add them in idk what to do I have been trying to deal with and work around this my whole life, so if anyone has ideas or know a site or book or somthing,
and are smoothies really a good way to go?

anyway thanks for your time,

good to everyone!!!
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