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Cassie, I hope your seminar was good. We will have our daughter's other three kids, ages almost 17, 10, and 8, staying the whole weekend with us while DD is out of town, but I'll try to join our Weekend Warriors.

For the newbies: we have a lot of posters on weekdays, but usually just a handful on weekends. We call those who also post on weekends "Weekend Warriors." Please join us on weekends if you can.

Tori, kudos on the water. Hope you enjoyed the ice cream, you cheater.

Ann, I hope you have a great run. I hope you enjoy your quiet weekend.

Quinn, when you rediscover your self-discipline, would you please bottle some and send it to Ohio? I'll watch for the FedEx truck! LOL Nothing like fresh apples! Hope you get to enjoy those. I'll be making more of my lower carb summer squash bread this weekend at DH's request. This time I'll be using pumpkin pie spice instead of cinnamon. So sorry you wound up in the same boat being taken advantage of with watching other people's kids. I'd happily send my two younger grandkids down to that woman's house, BUT I know they woudn't be properly supervised. So if they do play with her kids, it has to be at my house. I can tolerate her three, but six extra kids for me to watch is over the top. I appreciate your idea--hmm, maybe we'll be making more trips to the libary right after school, or saving my errands until then and taking my younger grandkids with me.

Mike, great job on your logging, vitamins and supplements, and fiber.

Ama, my compliments on the damage control, coffee limit, and exercise. Well, I'm glad you enjoyed your "bad to the bone" lunchtime BBQ at work but major kudos on doubling your workout. You are right about the balance and you did very well. I don't think that Mom does have a conscience. I've seen her going past my house in her van when her kids are up at my house playing--and she never calls to give me a number where she can be reached if one of her kids gets hurt or sick, nor does she tell me or her kids what time she'll be back.
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