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Mern - Way to go with trying out a new weight-lifting routine! I love the weight machines, more so than that darn treadmill… I really love the free weights. The free weight room has unfortunately become a popular after school hang out– there is a high-school just down the street from the Y and lots of kids stay at the Y until their folks pick them up. Really hard to get through the crowd sometimes to actually get to the weights. Sorry to hear about the babysitting fraud that Mom of 3 is playing, does she have a conscious at all? I would be pissed off too!

Ann – Wow, lots of responsibilities, sounds like you are doing a great job!!! I work part-time and have 1 kid, in pre-school, and can barely make it to the gym 2x per week. I really need to work on that.

Mikey and Tori – Thanks for the explanations! I totally understand now… separated at birth, found on the doorstep, bound by the South, big brother/little sister. Sorry about making ya’ll puke… I love how you two support each other. Wish I had a big brother to beat up my ex boyfriends!

Nightshade - Welcome! Glad you are here!

Judi – Glad to hear your Mom is doing better, what a terrible thing to have happen to her, and such a blessing she is pulling through. And you are pulling through as well, so glad you are finding your center. I am a lefty also and used pattern books to teach myself how to crochet. Never could get the hang of knitting though!

Quinn – I love your AIS dinner philosophy! I need to clean off the dining room table and start that one myself with the fam. We are way too casual when it comes to meal times. You inspire me!

Cassie – I will try hard to unite for the weekend, but darn, its football season… I need to pace myself so that I can enjoy a little bit of the party fare on Sunday nights. But I was asked to bring wine and bread pudding to the Sunday night game this week. Carbs anyone?

Jenn - Keep up the good work!

Ron - Hope you are having a great week so far! I like the weight machines also!
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