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Better late than never goals

Water all day (I won’t count oz because who am I kidding, just drink H2O all day). Y, Y, Y, Y
Mostly whole foods (at least 90% is a yes). Y, Y, NO (and too ashamed to talk about it...), N but damage control was pretty good
Veggie meals as much as possible – Y, N (but fish ok so Y), N, N (see below)
Fish 2x this week. Tuesday; tuna on green salad
Limit coffee 2 cups/day. N, Y, Y, Y
Gym 2x this week. Tuesday, Thursday
Work on one long-term goal from my to do list – Still working on monthly budget tracking, making good progress!

Thursday could have been better... there was a lunchtime BBQ at work, and even though there are usually vegetarian options all I could find was a little salad left over by the time I got downstairs. Soooooo... I had a foot-long hot dog with a big yummy bun, mustard, ketsup and... MAYO! Real live mayonnaise, not the fat free stuff I have at home. And to be honest, I also had a macadamia nut cookie I feel bad to the bone. But gotta say I enjoyed every bite of it! To make up for it I doubled my workout at the gym - 1 more mile on the treadmill, kicked butt with free-weights, and did my upper and lower body workout on the same day! Then a veggie dinner of a big salad and some rice. Balance is what it is all about, right?

Happy Friday - Ama
40yo, 5’6”
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