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Default Need help figuring out a calorie target

I need a bit of help thinking through what daily calorie target I should be shooting for. I already have so many opinions that my head is swimming so a few more can't hurt, right? Three years ago I saw three different (all horrible) dietiticans and was given the targets of 1200, 1400, and 1600. FitDay is giving me a target over 2000, and the previous software I was using was at 1150. These are all based on stats of female, 48, 5'4", currently 257 lb.

For the past 45 days I have been near 1300 cal per day and lost 14lb over four weeks. Over the last two weeks I've regained 2 lb with no change in diet or exercise. The voices in my head are going nuts. The sensible voice says to ride it out while the more hysterical voices are trying to outshout each other to either raise or lower the target.

Does anyone have a reliable way to calculate this?
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